Italia B&B

Casale Eline is an idyllic Italia B&B to spend your vacation or holiday. We offer a few Bed & Breakfast rooms, and apartments in our holiday home. In our Casale you can enjoy the sunny Le Marche region, and relax. From our location on top of a monte secco hill, you can visit many beautiful cities in the region by car. The rich cultural history of the area is reflected in the beautiful architecture and culinary delights of the different cities. The area is famous for its excellent vineyards, and it’s also very suitable for cycling or walking.

Casale Eline Italia B&B: Our facilities and services

Italia B&B

When you stay in our B&B, we can offer you a wide range of facilities. Our B&B rooms are fully equipped, with WiFi and satellite TV among other things. Outside we have a swimming pool available, along with a complete summer kitchen, grill and barbecue. You are also free to use the washing machine, and (wine) fridge. Should you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to provide extra services.

Casale Eline Italia B&B: Culture, food & wine

The Le Marche area, and specifically the nearby surroundings of our Casale, has a rich cultural and culinary history to offer. You can indulge yourself in beautiful architecture, art and culinary delights. When you travel by car, you can visit beautiful and historic cities such as Rimini and Urbino.

Would you like to spend your holiday in our beautiful Italia B&B Casale? Just contact us, fill in the form on the website. On our website you will also find more information about the possibilities and activities in the area. See you soon!