Le Marche




Rimini is an ancient Roman town, where 2000 years of history have left their traces of grandeur. It is the city of a thousand hotels, where the Italians come to enjoy the sun and the sea. And with so many picky locals around, you can trust that the food is excellent.

After tasting the atmosphere and the delicious Italian kitchen, take a refreshing dive in the Adriatic Sea or a stroll through the historic town centre. Rimini is a tourist town, where all modern conveniences are available.


In Roman times, Fano, named after the god of good fortune, was a major port town and an important crossroads in the road network. Today it is a small coastal town, that doubles as a busy fishing port with an attractive historical centre.

Fano is the destination for travellers looking for a first class cultural experience. You will find a wide range of, classic music, art and architecture in town. The town is located by the sea, but the hilly landscape inland is easily accessible. In Fano, “Casa Nolfi” and “La Perla” are our favourite restaurants.


The long stretches of beautiful beaches have made Senigallia a popular beachside resort on the Adriatic coast since 1853. But Senigallia has more to offer than the beach. It is a town with a long history that dates back to the first inhabitants of the area, the Galli Senoni. This Celtic tribe lived here in the fourth century before Christ.

In the 15th century, the town was known for its large markets. This reputation is kept in place by the many businesses in town today. The restaurants in Senigallia are great, but “Al Vicoletto de Michelle” and “Pagaia” are definitely our top picks.

The cultural sector in Senigallia is one to match its neighbouring towns. In summer, classical concerts are played in the courtyard of the town’s most famous monument, the Rocca Roveresca.


Ancona is Le Marches capital; it is also the region’s largest city. The bustling port city is, unlike nearby Rimini, undiscovered territory to most tourists. Ancona gives an insight into the “real” Italian lifestyle.

Like many other towns in the area, Ancona has a lively history. What’s different about Ancona is the old Greek influence. The large medieval cathedral, looking out over the city from the hilltop, is the city’s most notable monument.


For the visitors that travel to Italy for the impressive Italian art and architecture, Urbino is a top destination. The historical centre has, and not without reason, the honour of being listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Driving in from Arezzo gives the best views of the fairytale-like skyline.



Wine from Le Marche

Le Marche is a rapidly emerging wine region. The wine itself is a good reason to visit. Some of Italy’s most famous wines are from Casale Eline’s direct vicinity. A dream come true for the wine connoisseur and aficionado alike. In most restaurants, the house wine is a safe and excellent choice.

Several vineyards in the area have cellar door sales, or wine bars that are open to the public. Our favourite winemakers have websites with up to date information on directions and opening times.







The most famous wines


This quality wine is the region’s pride. The well-known white wine is exported all over the world. Verdicchio is made from the local grape that shares its name. It is a smooth wine that forms a delightful combination with the local seafood dishes.


Bianchello is a white wine, that is produced on a small scale near the Metauro river in Le Marche. A wine with a history, according to local legend Bianchello played a role in a Roman battle. The soldiers that were supposed to conquer the area around the Metauro couldn’t resist the wine and became to drunk to accomplish their mission.

Rosso Conero

The Rosso Conero wine is produced just south of the port of Ancona. The Rosso Conero is a solid, fleshy red wine, made from Montepulciano grapes. It is one of the best and most popular in the region.

Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling
Walking and cycling

The area around Casale Eline gives ample opportunity for spectacular walks and cycling tours. The paths (percorsi) are easily accessible and the routes are clearly marked with signs. Walking and cycling are the best ways of experiencing the beautiful landscape up close. At Casale Eline we have a selection of maps and routes that you can use. We are happy to arrange bike hire for you. Bicycle storage and repair facilities are available for our guests.



The world famous Italian kitchen always lives up to its name. Food, and everything associated with it, plays an important part in the day-to-day life of Italian families. Planning, shopping for and preparing the meal are done with sometimes-elaborate rituals that are as important as eating en enjoying the meal itself.

Regional dishes from Le Marche

Every region has its own specialities. These are dishes that have been perfected over the centuries, but have stayed close to their origins. Fresh, local ingredients are the key to the success of these culinary delights. In April and May, wild asparagus can be picked near Casale Eline.

When in Le Marche, be sure to try these foods:

  • Ciauscolo is a soft and spreadable salami
  • Piadina is a flat bread, often served with cold meats
  • Vincisgrassi is a heavy lasagne, without tomatoes
  • Urbino is known for the passatelli, a pasta made of breadcrumbs, parmesan and egg
  • Piccione ripieno is stuffed pigeon
  • Coniglio in porchetta is rabbit with fennel
  • When dining n the coast, try the brodetto. It is a fish soup, made with thirteen different species of fish (it’s advisable to reserve a table)
  • Pecorino and formaggio di fossa are the region’s best cheeses
  • And of course, tartufo. A world famous delicacy used in many local dishes

Dining in or out

There are several good restaurants in the area, and of course we are here to point you in the right direction. But if you prefer to cook the meals yourself, you will be glad to find that the kitchens in the apartments are fully equipped. You can cook to your heart’s content with the finest fresh ingredients. To give you a taste of the Italian kitchen, click here for our recipe for a popular sweet from Le Marche, dolci.