Le Marche Hotels

Casale Eline is a wonderful villa property, one of the many Le Marche hotels in the region. Our Casale stands out because it is a sunny oasis of calm, where you can really enjoy the Italian culture, and relax. We now have 5 luxury apartments in a beautiful former monastery, which we were able to restore to its former glory. The apartments are fully equipped with all the facilities you need.

Le Marche Hotels – Casale Eline Facilities

Appartementen Le Marche

Casale Eline offers a wide range of facilities and extra services, including WiFi, as well as washing and cooking facilities. Outside we have a complete summer kitchen available, for all your barbecue dinners. If you wish to explore the wonderful region of Le Marche, we can provide you with personal tips and directions. Casale Eline is well known for it’s hospitality, and we’re happy to help you with all our extra services, shopping services and rental bike arrangements.

Le Marche Hotels – Explore the area

By car you can visit Rimini or Bologna, both beautiful cities. The area surrounding the Casale is also very suitable for walking or cycling. Located in between the vineyards of Rosso Conero, Bianchello and the famous Verdicchio, there are lots of activities for the wine lovers that visit our Casale. They can taste the exceptional wines the Le Marche region has to offer, by visiting our local wine houses. More information about the cities, culture and wine houses in our region, is provided on our website.

Do you have a question about our Casale or making a reservation? You can contact us easily, by filling in the form on our contact page. We are happy to answer any questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.